128: Leadership When We Need It Most

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Right now, we are all being called to lead. It isn’t a title reserved for leaders of big companies or world leaders.

Everyone is a leader. Or everyone can be a leader, regardless of if you have any aspirations to start a company or a community. You can also be a leader in your own life.

I’m not sure how the world will unfold by the time this episode airs. Maybe you’re still working remotely, maybe you’re just trying to keep your family peaceful while everyone’s home or maybe you’re just trying to keep yourself together. Either way, this episode if full of gold nuggets whether you’re leading a team, leading your family or just being that leader of your own life.

Our guest is Zoë Routh. She is one of Australia’s leading experts on people stuff. She works with leaders and teams and people struggling work better together.

We will learn:


  • How leadership skills can help you create a more meaningful life
  • How to let go of control of other people and external situations
  • Biohacks to have grace under pressure


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