096: Manage Distraction and Control Your Attention

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What would be possible if you followed through on your best intentions? What could you accomplish if you could stay focused and overcome distractions? As a society, we’re pretty distracted right? You can tell just by noticing how many people are staring at their phones all day long. But what if tech isn’t the real problem… or at least not the root of the problem? Think back to before smart phones. Without the endless apps and gadgets we have now, were you accomplishing absolutely all of your tasks, errands and big dreams? I was still procrastinating everything to the last minute. I was still finding ways to distract myself from what my soul REALLY wanted to do… or tuning into myself enough to even discover what that was. So today we are talking to Nir Eyal. He’s the best selling author of Hooked, on how to build habit forming products… and now his newest book, Indistractible: How to Control your Attention and Choose Your Life. I know none of you want to reach the end of your life realizing how much of it you wasted, so pay attention to this episode!


We will learn:


  • Why the opposite of distraction is not focus. And what it really is
  • How to use our natural tendencies for good
  • How to build traction toward the things we REALLY want in life


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