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279: 7 Powerful Principles to Harness Your Mind and Overcome Fear with Scott Simon

By January 17, 2023February 2nd, 2023No Comments

Did you know that fear is the number one thing that keeps us from the life we’re meant to live?

Think about it. Procrastination usually comes with all sorts of seemingly valid reasons why we can’t do something right now. We don’t have the energy, or we don’t really know the next step, or it feels like it will be too hard, and we’re just not in the right headspace.

But go a little deeper, and you’ll usually find that you already know exactly what to do. That the task doesn’t take nearly as much energy as it takes to let yourself down day after day. That figuring out the next step just takes showing up. And none of it is ever as hard as we make it seem in our minds.

When we examine our self-doubt all it really is, is fear. We’re afraid of looking foolish, we’re afraid of failing publicly, we’re afraid of wasting time, and we’re even afraid we won’t be able to handle the success.

So how do we break through this natural fear? How do we start to rewire our patterning, so we feel more confident and live more courageously? That’s what we’re talking about today.

Our guest is Scott Simon. He is a happiness entrepreneur and founder of the Scare Your Soul courage movement. He is also the author of “Scare Your Soul: 7 Powerful Principles to Harness Fear and Lead Your Most Courageous Life.” His whole life is dedicated to creating, curating, and leading opportunities for people around the world to be happier, empowered, and courageous in their own lives.

We Will Learn

  • How our brains process fear and how we can use that to our advantage.
  • How to reframe anxiety into excitement.
  • A 6-step plan to move through fear called climbing the LADDER.


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