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175: Simple Ways to Change Your Brain

By March 30, 2021February 2nd, 2023No Comments

The lifestyle habits you practice today will affect the health of your brain 20-30 years from now. This means that you can be increasing your chances of cognitive decline like memory loss or even Alzheimers right now.

Your brain is the most essential organ in your body. It plays a role in everything you do, from your bodily functions to your personality. So when it’s balanced, everything in your body and mind will work more efficiently.

While there are a lot of things that can disrupt the balance of your brain chemistry, like processed foods, prescription drugs, and anxious thoughts, the little choices you make every day can also be protective against brain decline.

This episode is all about biohacking the brain with simple lifestyle changes. And it’s full of really actionable things you can start doing right now for little to no money.

Our guest is Dr. Willeumier. She is an award-winning neuroscientist and author of Biohack your Brain.

We Will Learn

  • The most significant ways we can change the brain
  • Simple ways to change your brain in under 10 minutes
  • How our thoughts change our brain


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