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098: Sleep Better with Dr. Michael Breus

By October 1, 2019February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Do you struggle with sleep? Or do you get plenty of sleep and still don’t feel quite rested? We are the only species that tries to skimp out on our sleep, all the other ones just do it as part of their natural cycles.
Over a year ago, I did an episode on the science of sleep, and I got a lot of people reach out saying it was what they needed and how it was a huge eye opener on why sleep is so important.
And today, we’re getting actionable. Yes, even sleep is an action. This episode is absolutely packed with info.
And we have arguably the most famous sleep doctor in the world. He’s actually called The Sleep Guy. Dr. Michael Breus. He’s been on Dr. Oz 39 times trying to convince you all to prioritize your snooze.


We will learn:


  • Why sometimes we sleep a full night and still feel tired
  • The best way to beat that mid day fatigue
  • What we can do better during the day to sleep better at night
  • How to optimize our relationship with coffee
  • A secret tip for high achievers called the nap-a-latte


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