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165: How to Stop Being So Moody

By January 19, 2021February 2nd, 2023No Comments

How much of your life are you wasting because you’re in a mood?

Reframing how you feel about your emotions and your relationship to them is really the first step to changing your mood habits. Because it’s hard to reframe an experience if you’re doing so out of fear, or if you think your reaction is inevitable.

And from there, we can start to learn the tools for reframing our most common moods and what’s really beneath them. And I’ll give you a hint, what’s really at the root of our moods is usually not what we’re reacting to at all.

Our guest today is Lauren Martin. She is the founder of Words of Women and author of The Book of Moods. She’s here to show us that you really can turn your worst moods into your best life.

We Will Learn

  • What are moods are trying to tell us
  • How to shorten a whole mood into a moment
  • We break down the most common moods and how to deal with them in a way that will create new emotional habits

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