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Today we’re going to get some practical tips on our finances. I know a lot of us are a little worried about finances right now. This episode was recorded before the global crisis that we’re facing right now so we’re not going to touch on that; however, these tips are timeless.

Often our financial situation is tied to our worth.. sometimes directly and other times directly.

We place so much importance on money. We let it affect our happiness, our sense of security, our social class, our relationships.

It’s a big deal. So in this episode we’re going to try to unravel some of the stories we’ve created about money and then offer some really practical tips on how to start getting a handle on our finances.

Our guest is Ande Frazier.

Ande Frazier is the CEO and Editor in Chief of myWorth LLC, a media company inspiring women to take control of their money by breaking down the emotional, behavioral and societal barriers that prevent them from building strong financial foundations.

We will learn:

  • How our need for instant gratification destroys our self worth
  • How our friends and family affect our financial decisions
  • Practical advice for spending, saving and investing

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