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225: How to Want Sex Again with Irene Fehr

By April 12, 2022February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Remember the days when you were just like DTF all the time… the new person you’re dating starts poking your thigh at like 4 am and you’re just ready to grind?

But then work gets busier. You have more goals. Other things take priority. And you think, “Whatever, it’s just a phase right?”

What I’ve learned so far is that phases become habits if I let them. Just like with everything else in my life, when something starts to slip, I bring intention to it to bring it back into balance.

But how do you do that with desire? It’s more than just showing up to the activity right? How do you get yourself to want sex again like that twenty year old version of you did.

So today we’re going to dispel myths about why sex dies in long-term monogamous relationships that cause heartache and broken dreams.

Our guest is Irene Fehr, a Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach. She helps couples make love and sex work in long-term relationships and bring sex and passion into sexless ones.

We Will Learn

  • How society makes women feel broken sexually and kill their libido
  • Why sex in the beginning stages of a relationship is unique
  • The 7 stages female sexual arousal and which is the most critical


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