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143 • Alchemy with Paul Selig

By August 18, 2020February 2nd, 20232 Comments

When the future feels more uncertain than ever, who better to speak with that someone with direct access to the realm of truth and love?

When you think about it, because the future is always uncertain, the only difference is whether or not we have fear.

So what if we bring confidence to uncertainty? That mindset shift can change your whole perceptive of the reality that we’re living in.

Our guest today is Paul Selig, one of the foremost spiritual channels in the world.

For me, Paul Selig is the voice that helps me do that. It seems every time I going to a dark place, he’s got a livestream that totally shifts my perspective.

So let’s step into the other realm.

We will learn:

  • The dangers of claiming fear as a collective
  • How to dismantle your persona to step into a higher realm
  • How to move beyond your limited perspective and into a place of true manifestation

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Paul Selig: Alchemy on the Mind Love podcast
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