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349: Breaking the Cycle of Ancestral Trauma and Inherited Anxiety with Laura Rhodes-Levin

By May 21, 2024No Comments

Can you relate to this?

You grow up looking at your family, thinking, “Phew, thank goodness I’m not like them.”

But then, one day, it hits you like a ton of bricks. You catch yourself saying the exact same things your mom used to say, word for word.

Now, it might not be a big deal when it’s just a saying or something we tell our kids or the way we carry ourselves. But what if it’s something that really impacts our daily life, like anxiety?

The truth is, you have the power to change course by reprogramming your patterns.

And here’s the really cool part: when you do that, you’re not just changing your own life – you’re also changing the course for your entire family line.

Laura Rhodes-Levin is a licensed therapist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety, depression, and trauma. She holds a Master of Science in Counseling and is known for her unique approach in the understanding of anxiety and anxiety disorders. She is also the author of “The Missing Peace: Rewire Your Brain, Reduce Anxiety, and Recreate Your Life.”

We Will Learn

  • The hidden impact of historical trauma and how it’s shaping your current behaviors and anxieties
  • How the scars of your past can be converted into unique gifts and strengths
  • How love as an active process can change your mental health


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