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307: Breaking Through Mental Barriers and Tapping into Purpose through EFT with Valerie Greene

By August 1, 2023August 2nd, 2023No Comments

Have you ever found yourself caught in the same loop? Repeating the same patterns or thoughts. The same emotional blocks and self-doubt replaying like a broken record, no matter how hard you try to change the tune?

Most of us are stuck in this rhythm. We live in a world where chaos seems to rule, and negative self-talk becomes second nature. It’s life as we know it – the status quo. But here’s the thing, the status quo isn’t enough anymore.

What if you could live your life free of all that, feeling into your limitless potential? And what if the key to unlock this freedom is literally at your fingertips?

Today we’re diving into the transformative power of ETF, aka Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as tapping.

Our guest is Valerie Greene. She credits EFT for saving her life. Not only did she come out stronger, but she now helps others break through their stuck energy. With her roots in working closely with the US Military community, she has empowered more than 3,000 people to chart their own paths of personal growth.

For our Mind Love members, we have a special treat in store. This month’s membership masterclass is an immersive 5-part video series designed to help you bring the power of tapping into your own lives. You can find out more at http://mindlove.com/membership.

We Will Learn

  • What happens when we let a void replace our sense of purpose? And more importantly, what can we do to not just fill, but fulfill this space.
  • How to get clear on the inner narratives that are holding stuck energy
  • A journey into the heart of ‘tapping’


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