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X59: How Our Cells Communicate with Dr. Jon Lieff

By October 15, 2021February 2nd, 20234 Comments

I believe that over time, science will begin to prove spirituality.

The cool thing about science is that each new discovery is a possible foundation for a thousand other discoveries.

And these discoveries begin with a thought. A question. A desire to explore what this information could mean.

I think too often we wait for other people to tell us what’s real instead of engaging our imagination enough to ponder it ourselves.

So we end up building walls around our own mindsets with skepticism or blind obedience rather than seeking expansion and greater understanding.

Today we are opening our minds to new discoveries in science, and I’m going to challenge you to ponder what these things might mean… even if only for your own practice in contemplation.

Our guest today is Dr. Jon Lieff, nationally recognized neuropsychiatrist and foremost expert on cellular communication science.

We Will Learn

  • How all of life’s activity occurs because cells communicate
  • How very different cells—bacteria and brain cells, blood cells and viruses—all speak the same language
  • New discoveries on Intelligence in nature


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