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351: Communicating with Open Hearts and Open Minds for Respectful Disagreements with Justin Jones-Fosu

By June 4, 2024No Comments

Have you ever been in the middle of an argument and felt like there was no way out?

The exhausting back-and-forth where nobody seems to give an inch can leave you wondering if there’s a way to find common ground without giving up what you believe in.

We often try to show who we are by what we believe. And in a way, that becomes true. Because if we identify with our belief system, it’s who we become and it’s who others see us as.

But if we identify with a deeper set of values, then we start to see everything else as just the armor we wear. The outfit we have on.

Who we truly are is always beyond that. And if we can get over ourselves long enough to connect on that level, I honestly believe our entire world would change.

So that’s what we’re talking about today. Our guest is Justin Jones-Fosu. He’s the embodiment of energy, both at home and on top of the world’s highest peaks. He recently even conquered one of the famous 7 Summits. He’s also the author of books like “Your WHY Matters NOW,” “The Inclusive Mindset,” and his latest thought-provoking work, “I Respectfully Disagree: How to have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World.”

We Will Learn

  • How to plant seeds of change within your relationships
  • How to challenge your perspective and understand others more deeply
  • How to use an inside-out approach when dealing with disagreements


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