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X58: Disconnect with Your Smart Phone to Reconnect with Your Life with Joe Hollier

By October 8, 2021February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Have you noticed your phone time taking away from other important moments in your life?

I’ve always been a tech person so I have a tendency to overuse my smartphone.

Recently I made some customizations to my smartphone and my phone use immediately dropped 80% which is awesome.

I shared my customizations on social -mindfully using my computer- and I got a bunch of DMs about it so I know a lot of you are suffering from a little tech addiction yourselves.

So today we’re going to learn how to live our lives a little less plugged in. Because maybe disconnecting from the online world is what we actually need to connect with the offline world.

Our guest is Joe Hollier, multi-disciplinary artist, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Light Phone, a phone designed to be used as little as possible.

We Will Learn

  • How smartphones are designed to work against our happiness
  • How to stay connected while disconnected
  • The brain benefits of boredom


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