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312: Embracing Diversity in Spirituality: Mark Nepo’s Guide to Building Your Own Spiritual Toolbox

By September 5, 2023September 12th, 2023No Comments

When was the last time you questioned something so deeply rooted within you that it felt like a part of your identity? Maybe its cultural, or the values of your family.

Or maybe, the religious beliefs you grew up with, or the spiritual path you were told was the right one. But what happens when those rules or beliefs don’t sit well with you?

Our spiritual paths are incredibly individual, shaped by our experiences, lessons, and what our souls came to this lifetime to learn. What didn’t resonate with you might be exactly what someone else needs. It might be their stepping stone to spiritual growth or precisely the lesson their soul seeks.

And here’s the beautiful part: We can walk our paths and let others walk theirs. We don’t have to agree. We don’t even have to understand. We just have to be okay with letting others find their way, just like we’re finding ours.

So today we’re talking about embracing Diversity in Spirituality. Our guest is Mark Nepo. He is a poet and philosopher who has taught in the fields of poetry and spirituality for over thirty years. He’s also the author of several books including, “The Book of Awakening,” and “Surviving Storms.”

We Will Learn

  • How to handle the pressure to conform
  • How to stay open to different ways of experiencing spirituality
  • The concept of eternity as the opening to oneness


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