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232: Step-by-Step to Feeling and Following Your Internal Guidance System with Zen DeBrucke

By May 31, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

What if you could tap into your own personal reliable guidance system for every decision you make?

We all have an internal guidance system, and evidence shows that our ancient ancestors were very much in tune with it. But because of the way our society functions, we seem to be a little more cut off.

The way to reconnect with this inner technology is to consciously connect with it and practice it in our daily lives.

But it can be hard to be motivated to practice something when you don’t even know if you’re doing it right.

So today we’re talking about exactly how to tap into this innate wisdom that we all have. Or how I like to think of it is tapping into the divine guidance that connects all things.

Our guest is Zen DeBrucke a member of the illustrious *Transformation Leadership Council. She has worked with over 40,000 people to teach them how to listen to, respond to and honor their internal guidance system, including training 4,000 master students.

We Will Learn

  • How to question your unexamined assumptions
  • How even neutral is one of your guiding sensations
  • Step-by-step to feeling and following your internal guidance system


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