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343: The Art of Knowing When to Stay and When to Walk Away with Emily Freeman

By April 9, 2024No Comments

Have you ever stood in the doorway of a room that felt really important, heart pounding, trying to decide whether to step in or walk away?

This is more than just a physical space, it’s a metaphor for the choices we face in life. The high-stakes job with a corner office that chains you to a desk, the relationship that’s lost its spark, the dream that once lit you up now feels more like a dark cloud. How often have you mistaken persistence for passion or comfort for contentment?

The problem is, most of us don’t just have a fear of change, but we have a whole narrative around quitting, as though it’s some form of failure. And these lies can keep us stuck in rooms that we’ve long outgrown.

So how do we turn down the noise to turn up our own inner nudges? And how can we move more quickly toward our own new doorways of possibility? That’s what we’re talking about today.

Our guest is Emily Freeman. She is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of five books, including How to Walk into a Room, and The Next Right Thing. She is also a spiritual director, workshop leader, and host of The Next Right Thing podcast, and her most important work is to help create soul space and offer spiritual companionship and discernment for anyone struggling with decision fatigue.

We Will Learn

  • Powerful two-word mantra to help you approach difficult decisions
  • The liberating question that could realign your life’s path with true happiness.
  • Powerful rituals that can guide you to personal closure, even when others leave the story unresolved.


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