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346: Emotional Intuition: Rewiring Anxious Attachment Wounds with Jennifer Nurick

By April 30, 2024No Comments

Ever notice how certain emotional patterns are like weeds in a garden? They keep cropping up, no matter how many times you think you’ve pulled them out.

What if I told you that you might be accidentally keeping these patterns going without even realizing it? Like you’re stuck in a loop of drama and insecurity.

You see, sometimes we can find a strange kind of comfort in the chaos, even when it’s not good for us.

The big thing to pay attention to is something called attachment – it’s the way we learn to connect with people when we’re young children. About half of us have a hard time feeling secure in our relationships because of it.

Changing these patterns isn’t always easy. It means facing some uncomfortable truths and making decisions that are different than the ones that got you here.

Today we’re going to explore how we connect, love, and ultimately, how we can take back control of our emotional lives. When we start untangling those roots, that’s when we can really start growing. And you might just be surprised at how strong you really are when you begin to change your emotional landscape.

Our guest is Jennifer Nurick, a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, Couple Therapist, Energetic Healer, and author of “Heal Your Anxious Attachment”. She is the founder and voice of Psychotherapy Central. She has been working in the healing space for over 20 years, combining Eastern energetic practices and Western psychotherapy. She offers transformational courses to help individuals and couples heal trauma and build secure long-term relationships.

We Will Learn

  • How anxious attachment shows up in relationships beyond romance
  • The fascinating research that reveals the timeline to create a secure attachment and what that means for your closest relationships
  • Why 70% of us are clinging to invisible wounds and how we can start healing


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