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319: The Learning Agreement: What Your Soul Signed Up For with Spiritual Channeler Asil Toksal

By October 24, 2023No Comments

We humans spend a lot of time collectively thinking about what happens when we die… is there heaven, hell, purgatory, a multitude of realms, just nothing but the box we’re buried in…

But do you ever consider what of ourselves, if anything, existed before we were born?

If our souls are eternal, that means they have always existed, so our souls were here before incarnating into this particular body.

So what if we actually chose to incarnate?

Many intuitive and spiritual thought leaders have discussed the idea of soul contracts- agreements we make before our earthly birth to learn certain lessons and fulfill a particular purpose.

So, what do you think? Is your life unfolding according to some celestial blueprint? And if it is, how does that make you feel about the choices you’re making right now? Got you thinking, huh?

Well this is one of the things we’re discussing today. Our guest is Asil Toksal, an expert guide on awakening journeys, expanding consciousness, and integrating spiritual experiences. Asil channels transformational energy and wisdom from higher consciousness, fostering humanity’s evolution.

We Will Learn

  • Why illness can be a spiritual and emotional teacher, and how understanding this can change the way you view your own health challenges
  • How even the smallest actions can have a ripple effect on the collective consciousness of millions
  • Why addressing your emotional wounds is crucial for a world filled with love and compassion


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