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228: How Movement Affects Your Mind with Jennifer Heisz

By May 3, 2022February 3rd, 2023No Comments

How do you feel about exercise?

It’s funny how obsessive people can get about exercising to sculpt their bodies, but over time your body will change, regardless of how much you work out. And I think for most of us, the way our bodies look become less important over time, which is why so many people lose their workout routine when they age.

But did you know that exercise affects more than just your body? It has powerful effects on the mind as well.

Your mind is what connects your soul to reality. It’s what perceives your world. It interprets your experience. It understands your relationships and love and beauty and excitement.

If you lose your mind, then what’s left of your experience here?

So today we’re talking about how movement affects your mind and how to create movement routines that you actually want to do.

Our guest is Jennifer Heisz, Ph.D. an expert in brain health. She is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Brain Health and Aging in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University, and author of “Move the Body, Heal the Mind”.

We Will Learn

  • How the hypothalamus makes it difficult to maintain weight
  • How exercise can help you overcome anxiety, depression, and dementia as well as improve focus, creativity, and sleep
  • Specific exercise routines to enhance and boost creativity


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