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X87: Receiving the Present Moment with Jeanne Stevens

By June 24, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

Wanna know what’s strange? The present moment is literally all we have, but yet somehow it’s the most elusive place to be.

Why is it so hard to be, here and now, when it’s our only real tangible option?

Usually we replay things that have already happened, coming up with things we should have done, or should have said, OR we worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.

If you let yourself spiral into those thoughts, you’ll be rewarded with more thoughts that confirm everything you regret or everything you’re worrying about. And it will all feel real.

But guess what. You are the one with the power to disrupt the cycle to find peace and even guidance. And the good news is, you don’t have to do all the work to deprogram every unproductive belief that you have in order to find that peace.

It already exists, right here, right now. So today we’re going to learn to tap into it.

Our guest is Jeanne Stevens. She’s the founding and co-lead pastor of Soul City Church in Chicago, one of America’s fastest growing urban churches. Her passion is to help people wake up to their purpose as they pursue a life of wholehearted freedom.

We Will Learn

  • How to say goodbye to unhealthy patterns of shame, guilt, and worry.
  • The lies we believe when we worry.
  • How to develop a realistic relationship with the present moment in a world full of distraction.


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