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306: Stoicism for Self-Inquiry, Inner Discipline, and Seeing Through Our Self-Distorted Perception with Mark Matousek

By July 25, 20232 Comments

You know that feeling, right? When you’re stuck in the loop of worries, imagining all sorts of disastrous scenarios, and feeling your anxiety rise. Or when you find yourself catastrophizing, blowing the tiniest things completely out of proportion.

There’s an ancient wisdom that’s been around since the time of the ancient Greeks that might help you rewire this negative thinking. It’s about altering our perspective for the better, just as we like to do it here at Mind Love. This wisdom finds its roots in Stoicism, and it’s a little thing known as “premeditation.” But, it’s more than just a trick – it can be life-changing.

So today, we’re diving into all that Stoicism has to offer us with Mark Matousek. He is an award-winning author, teacher, and speaker whose work focuses on transformative writing for personal, professional, and spiritual development. He is the founder of The Seekers Forum, an online community for writing and self-inquiry, and the author of eight books, including “Lessons From an American Stoic: How Emerson Can Change Your Life.”

We Will Learn

  • How self-inquiry can help us see ourselves more clearly
  • How crisis and disaster can be liberating
  • How our shadow parts can be a guide for growth


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