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303: Training Your Mind and Body to Sleep with Kate Mikhail

By July 4, 2023July 6th, 2023No Comments

Poor sleep can mess with us in a bunch of ways, both physically and mentally. It weakens our immune system. It messes with our hormones, and that can lead to weight gain or trouble managing our weight. Plus, it increases the risk of serious illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

But it doesn’t just mess up our bodies, it also messes with our minds. When we’re sleep deprived, it’s tough to concentrate and focus during the day. Productivity becomes a struggle, and learning new things feels like a marathon. And then there are the mood swings!

There is a science behind sleep, and once you understand the biology of sleep, you can make it work for you. There are tons of habits and behaviors that you can begin to create the ideal conditions for your body to actually want to fall asleep easily at night, all of which we’ll talk about today. And also, as with almost everything in life, it starts with your mindset.

So today we’re talking about how to teach yourself to sleep.

Our guest is Kate Mikhail. She is a London-based sleep expert, author, keynote speaker and journalist who has written features and reviews for a wide range of publications, including the Guardian, Observer, Telegraph and Independent newspapers. Kate is now an ex-chronic insomniac, thanks to researching her book, “Teach Yourself to Sleep: An Ex-insomniac’s Guide.” She’s going to teach us the biology and science of sleep, how to look at sleep from a different perspective, and how we can change our mindset, physiology, and behavior to transform the quality of our sleep, health, and wellbeing.

We Will Learn

  • How your perception of sleep affects your ability to do it and how you feel after it
  • How to slow your brainwaves down to nudge yourself to sleep
  • What to do during the day and before bed to create your ideal sleep conditions


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