BONUS: Wanna Start a Podcast? It Could Change Your Life

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If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, this episode is for you! Plus there are a bunch of freebies you don’t want to miss! Podcasting has completely changed my life in obvious ways and also ways I never expected.

Every time I show up to the mic, it’s like a verbal journal and every time I interview someone, it’s like a personal coaching session. I even got my first mentor through podcasting!

In this episode our guest is fellow podcaster Katie Krimistsos. She’s had several podcasts– first Biz Women Rock and now the Women’s Meditation Network.

Katie and her husband Chris also founded Podfest, the amazing podcasting conference, which I will be speaking at in a few weeks March 7 in Orlando. Katie is a great example of how you can evolve through and with your podcast.


We will learn:


  • How to get over your fear of putting yourself out there
  • How to use podcasting as a tool for self-discovery
  • How to pivot your purpose as you learn and grow


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Bonus: Wanna Start a Podcast? It could change your life

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