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X20: The Connection Between Gut Health and Mental Health

By November 6, 2020February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Stress has been recognized as the number one proxy killer disease today. The American Medical Association has said that stress is the basic cause for more than 60% of all human illnesses and diseases.

Yet we have all this stress living in our bodies, but did you know that we store it in our gut? There’s a really strong connection between the gut and the brain.

So trauma and stress cause gut issues which can then cause even more mental imbalances like anxiety and depression.

Do you see how everything is connected?

Well today we’re talking about what to do about it.

Our guest is Victoria Albina. She is a Certified Life Coach and Breathwork Meditation Guide. She is also a Family Nurse Practitioner, has a Masters degree in Public Health and has over 20 years experience in health and wellness.

She’s going to help us realize that we are our own best healers.

We will learn:

  • How trauma can spark chronic gut symptoms, and a scientific explanation of how unresolved trauma lives in the body
  • The often-overlooked link between your gut health and being able to listen to your intuition
  • Why enforcing boundaries has more impact on our physical health than we realize

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