064: Animal Communication and Losing Pets

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Animal Communication

Today we’re talking about animal communication and then, you’ll actually hear a portion of an animal communication session with my little fur soulmate Maverick Danger. 68% of US households own a pet so let’s learn to talk to them!

This whole process was another amazing example of how the universe works, because normally my little guy is just a ball of energy… but the day before the interview was supposed to happen, suddenly Maverick had an emergency. So I had to rush him to the vet and everything. I’ll get into details in the episode but it was perfect timing to feel as though I had a more direct line of communication with him.

But even more comforting are some of the things I learned in this interview.

I’ve often had worries about when it’s my pet’s time to pass, will he know what’s happening when his body is shutting down, will he be scared, will we still have a soul connection? Today we answer all of those questions.

Our guest is Morgan Mellick, an Animal Communicator, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. She has been working with animals, both wild and domestic, most of her life and then because trained professionally as an animal communicator.

Today we will learn:

  • How our animals understand death
  • What role animals have in our lives
  • How to give your pet a fulfilling life

Learn More About Morgan Mellick

Morgan Mellick Animal Communicator

Morgan Mellick

Animal Communicator

Morgan Mellick is an Animal Communicator and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Throughout her life, she has been listening to the messages animals bring to her life. In 2014, she was professionally trained through the renowned, Gurney Institute of Animal Communication in the HeartTalk Program. Morgan works with clients as a healer in the death and dying process, behavioral and physical issues, as well as, past lives.

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Janine Lucivo
Janine Lucivo
2 years ago

I seriously love everything you put out. Is it weird I feel like we’re friends? lol. Thanks for another great episode!