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045: Body Mindfulness for Stress and Emotional Strength

By September 25, 2018February 3rd, 2023No Comments

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This is one of those that is full of actionable tips that you can apply immediately to completely change how you feel in a specific situation.

Our body will reflect our mood. We all know that our body will slump when we’re feeling defeated or we frown when we are sad, but there’s a lot of research that that can also be reversed… kind of like those times we fake sick at work or school and suddenly we wonder, wait why do I feel blah right now? Or faking a smile can uplift our spirits.

Body awareness can help you change your mind and therefore your experience of life.  We have the power and choice to improve our physical health, brain functioning, and energy levels, reduce stress, boost happiness, build emotional resilience, and basically improve our quality of life.

Our guest today is bestselling author and psychologist Noa Belling. Noa holds a Masters degree in somatic psychology which is body/mind psychology, she has over a decade of teaching this stuff, she runs a private psychotherapy practice and she does talks and workshops as well.

She’s also the author of a book called The Mindful Body which is a great book for those of us that like a very scientific approach to mindfulness.

P.S. There are some audio glitches for some reason that I couldn’t quite fix so super sorry about that.

Today we will learn:

  1. Why and how to add intention to our bodies’ instincts
  2. A ton a really simple but powerful body hacks to actually change our state of consciousness
  3. How to use the body to identify personality types and better connect with people

Learn More About Noa Belling

Noa Belling

Noa Belling

Author and Psychologist

Noa Belling is an international bestselling author and psychologist. She uses her many years’ experience of intellectual and physical discipline to guide others in enhancing vitality and life fulfillment. Noa holds a Masters degree in somatic (body-mind) psychology through Naropa University. Her background includes over a decade of teaching applied somatic psychology skills as part of psychology training and continuing education programs, running a private psychotherapy practice and presenting talks and workshops in the corporate sector. Noa’s first career as a professional ballet dancer and then a Yoga teacher also influence her approach to wellbeing.


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