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173: Discover Your Dharma

By March 16, 2021February 2nd, 2023No Comments

Is who you are defined by what you do, or is what you do defined by who you are?

Today we’re talking about dharma – your purpose, or universal nature.

When we think of purpose, we often think of our careers. But defining yourself by your career is extremely limiting when you think about it. Especially when you consider who you really are – a divine being, living a human experience.

It is natural for us to manufacture stories about ourselves based on our human experience, but using these stories to define ourselves doesn’t leave much room for expansion. So what if instead, we tapped into our true nature – or dharma – and used it as the guiding compass for all the choices we make in life?

Today’s guest Sahara Rose, 3-time best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host will guide us through this process of self-discovery. She will explain how to let go of the manufactured personality that you’ve developed over the years, and fully identify with the divine being that you are to unlock your limitless potential.

We Will Learn

  • What dharma is and the 4 types of dharma
  • The 5 stages of dharma discovery
  • The 9 Dharma Archetypes and how to find out which one we are


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