124: Expansion During Self-Isolation

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How are you all doing? Things getting weird yet? This episode is being recorded just a few days into the quarantine, and my goal during this self-containment period is to find and maintain my alignment… so basically make sure I feel good because when I do, everything else falls into place.

The trick is to look at everything as an opportunity: to recreate routines, reprioritize, and reassess your true needs.

Our guest is someone who has been on before. She just has so much wisdom I knew she was who I wanted to mastermind with about everything going on in our world.

Kole specializes in biohacking and bio integration and just human optimization in general. She’s all about integrating WITH the human body’s natural processes for expansion. So this episode will have a lot of goodies for keeping your mind, body and spirit in a good place during one of the most unique times most of us have ever lived though

We will learn:


  • A breathing exercise to release stress and anxiety
  • A journalizing exercise to stop the fear spiral
  • How to use this extra time on your hands for expansion


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