159: The Hidden Tactics of Abusive People and Freeing Yourself

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If you’ve ever dealt with an abusive person, you know what a total mind fuck it can be.

Slowly but surely your world gets completely dismantled, like a frog sitting in a pot of boiling water completely unaware that you’re slowly dying inside.

From the outside it’s like, “How did you put up with that?” But from the inside, it’s a slow grooming and conditioning process that gets you to accept a reality you never would have imagined for yourself.

So how do you spot the signs before it’s too late? And how do you heal and move forward once you’ve made it out?

That’s what we’re talking about today… the hidden tactics of abusive people, and organizations and how to put your life back together afterward.

Our guest is Wade Mullen. He’s a professor, researcher, and advocate working to help those trapped in the confusion and captivity of abusive situations.

We Will Learn

  • How to spot abusive people early including the 5 types of secrets and common tactics abusive people use
  • How abusive people dismantle your sense of self
  • How to put your world back together afterward

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