131: Hope and Meaning in End of Life Experiences

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Today’s episode offers a new perspective into end of life experiences, meaning what people who are nearing the their lives experience in those final weeks and months.

It might surprise you, but It will almost certainly comfort you. Insight into what that loved one is actually experiencing. And I’ll give you a spoiler, regardless of physical proximity, regardless of being physically alone, they do not experience loneliness. In their experience, they are not dying alone at all.

So for those of you who have lost someone or even if you’re just saddened by the idea that you will inevitably lose someone, I’m hoping this episode will offer you all as much peace as it offered me.

Our guest is Dr. Christpher Kerr. He is the CEO and chief medical officer at Hospice Buffalo and author of a book called Death is But a Dream. His insight is really interesting because he also has a phD in neurobiology so he’s able to have a balance of both the scientific and spiritual perspective. And as you’ll find out, he believes the spiritual side can’t be denied.

We will learn:


  • How pre-death dreams offer healing for both the dying and the bereaved
  • Evidence for what the dying really experience in their final hours, weeks and months
  • How we can best connect with loved ones and help validate these experiences in their final days


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