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035: Lucid Dreaming for Creativity, Healing and Exploration

By July 17, 2018February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Lucid Dreaming woman sleeping in jungle leaves

Today we’re talking about lucid dreaming. It’s when you’re dreaming and you’re aware that you’re dreaming.

If you haven’t experienced it, imagine being in a world where the usual laws of reality don’t apply and anything is possible.

A recent study in Germany found that about half the population has had a lucid dream and they usually start at younger ages.

For some people it comes naturally, but just like anything, what you focus on expands so if you’re set on lucid dreaming and you put in the work, there’s a good chance it’ll happen for you.

Our guest today is Dr. Clare Johnson, a lifelong lucid dreamer. She has been speaking on lucidity, sleep disorders and lucid dreaming for over a decade and she’s written a bunch of books including Llewellen’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, Mindful Dreaming, Dream Therapy and even a few novels inspired by Lucid Dreams.

Today we will learn:

  1. How lucid dreaming can help with creativity and physical and emotional healing
  2. How to decode the symbolic language of dreams
  3. How you can start lucid dreaming

Learn More About Dr. Clare Johnson

Clare Johnson - Lucid Dreaming

Dr. Clare Johnson

Lucid Dreaming Expert

Dr. Clare Johnson was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. She’s the President of the global dream community, the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Clare is also the author of multiple books on lucid dreaming as well as the author of two novels inspired by lucid dreams.

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