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X83: Matrix Programming and The Game of Life with Nick Zei

By May 27, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

What if life is just a game? Clearly, a really intense game, if so.

It sounds absurd to think of life as a game when we’re bogged down with all our stresses and grief and struggles.

But what if that’s the point. To see beyond the matrix that we’re living in, with our false perceptions about what’s important and what’s valuable. To be cracked open by our pain so that we can find a deeper meaning.

What if your natural inclination to seek is because you’re at the forefront of lifting the veil?

Well, that’s what we’re contemplating today.

Our guest is Nick Zei. He is an author, speaker, and explorer of the connection between science, spirituality, and self-realization. His goal is to be in service to others during the evolution of consciousness and to participate in and help bring forth the awakening of humanity.

We Will Learn

  • About societal matrix programs
  • The Law of One and what it’s based on
  • How we can see a more complete version of reality


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