155: Post Betrayal Syndrome

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What is it about betrayal that feels so much more personal than other kinds of pain? Why is it that betrayal hurts so badly? Why does it feel so unexpected even when often there were plenty of warning signs? And most importantly, what do we do afterward?

Betrayals shatter our worldview, whether coming from a boyfriend or a friend or a family member, it cuts deep. And because of this there are some serious repercussions if we don’t learn to deal with it.

Betrayals can cause us to callous over so we don’t feel that kind of pain again, but in doing so, we also harden ourselves to love and intimacy and those Sex in the City kinda besties.

And if we let that happen, the betrayer wins.

That’s what we’re talking about today.

Our guest is Dr. Debi Silber. She’s the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute and she’s a holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert, the author of the book: Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence and Happiness.

She also has a recent PhD study on how we experience betrayal which made 3 groundbreaking discoveries that changes how long it takes to heal.

We Will Learn

  • How do we know if we haven’t healed from a betrayal
  • The 5 stages of betrayal – including emotions and mental symptoms
  • A 4 step process to start to trust again

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