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269: Rejecting the Lie That You Aren’t Good Enough by Killing Comparison with Nona Jones

By December 6, 2022February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Do you struggle with comparison?

I think we all do. Or at least most of us. It’s hard to avoid with the social media environment these days.

We’re constantly streaming everyone else’s highlight reels, from their homes to their clothes and their kids’ clothes and the endless products that influencers are pushing.

The problem with comparison creates a sense of lack. You see what someone else has, and you think, “I don’t have that.” Which creates feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, and resentment.

It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap. We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with images of what we “should” have. We see what other people have, and we think, “I want that.”

So what do we do about it? How do we train our minds to stay out of the comparison spiral so we can see our lives, and ourselves, for what they really are?

That’s what we’re talking about today. Our guest is Nona Jones. She is an international speaker, preacher, author, and the head of global faith-based partnerships at Facebook. She’s also the author of “Killing Comparison”.

We Will Learn

  • About the two types of comparison: inspiration and expiration.
  • The 5 most common insecure foundations and how to find a more secure foundation to build our worth upon.
  • 3 steps to detox comparison for good.


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