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089: Self-Worth and Owning Your Shit

By July 30, 2019February 2nd, 2023No Comments

Tracy Litt - Mind Love Podcast

You life and what you do with it, is directly impacted by how worthy you feel. If you don’t feel like you deserve something, chances are you won’t have it.

Why? You won’t take action or you won’t create the energy needed to attract the outcome.

How worthy you feel will affect your ability to see things, even challenges as things that happen for you instead of to you.

So it’s really important we get a handle on this.

But how? It’s not like we just chose to not feel worthy. Our self-worth is usually a reflection of a whole lot of past experiences, what other people have said to us, other people dripping their personal crap onto us, and evidence we’ve collected throughout our lives.

Today we’re talking to Tracy Litt, a certified mindset coach and transformation therapist and author of the book Worthy Human. I loved this interview because she calls you on your bullshit. She’s fun and direct and cuts right to the heart of what’s real and true.

Today we will learn:

  • How to own your shit through a total subconscious audit
  • How to handle it when you’re affected bu other people’s shit
  • How to change your experience by tuning into higher parts of yourself and others

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Learn More About Tracy Litt

Tracy Litt author of Worthy Human

Tracy Litt

Certified Mindset Coach & Transformational Therapist

Tracy Litt is a Certified Mindset Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, speaker, and author. As Founder of The Litt Factor and Worthy Human, her passion for personal growth shines through from the profound transformations of her clients to the powerful messages on her merchandise. By providing constructive, direct, and loving insight, Tracy has helped countless individuals transform their lives from the inside out.

She’s direct, and goes straight to the heart of what’s real and what’s true. She masterfully tells it like it is, while being skillfully empathetic, loving and supportive. A powerhouse and ball of energy, exuding unconditional love and light. Silly and playful. She calls your bullshit and wakes you up in a way you never realized you needed.

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