117: Making Time and Space for Love

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How’s your love life? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, what type of energy are you bringing to your love life?

We think that love just falls into our lap, but the best relationships bring a conscious awareness and intention to what they want to create for themselves. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and for a lot of people it’s a day that brings up negative feelings.

But here’s a hard truth: You can pick and choose the things you keep and cultivate from any day or memory or experience, or even relationship. So today we’re talking about love.

This episode has a little for single people or those of you in relationships, because in both cases, you have to make time and space for love, whether that’s to create a new spark or keep the old flame alive.

Our guest today Renée Piane is an international relationship reinvention expert and dating consultant and author of the book Get Real about Love. She helps busy, successful people heal their hearts so they can find true love.


We will learn:


  • How to create and keep the spark in love
  • How to get out of a love loop, when you’re repeating the SAME relationship patterns thinking that THIS time will be different only to find it the same?
  • How to get clear on the vibes you give off


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117: Making Time and Space for Love with Renee Piane on Mind Love Podcast - Pinterest

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